About Player RankingEdit

There are a variety of player metrics in the game. One of them relates to the Instance level that the player has achieved. Which can be found on the Player card (sometimes called Player badge), These are refered to as i1-i30 and this is a very ambiguous reference. One of the reasons for this is that it is too easy to simply buy fleets from the Auction House or corp mall thus, yielding a performance metric that may far exceed the player's capability, the other reason for this being often misleading is that some players don't do the instances at all.

The Player level is rather insignificant, as it reflects neither fighting ability nor research status.

On this same screen you also have a number that relates to a players perfomance in League Matches, a tiered system which gives some indication of a players combat ability relative to other players, this is possibly the most useful metric.

Another is Attack Power available via >Social>Rankings[Attack power], this can be misleading as it's based on the number of ships and total damage those ships can do, however those may be PvE fleets or PvP fleets, so perhaps not the best metric.

Then finaly there is Shootdowns, available on the >Social>Rankings[Shootdowns] menu, this shows the number of PvP fleets and pirate fleets a player has destroyed, and that's the problem, as it includes pirate fleets, this can also be misleading. It should also be noted that there is a maximum limit to the number of shootdowns that will be displayed in the Rankings (exactly 4 billion shootdowns), which can be misleading.

There is also useful information in the Attacking Neighbors (PvP) page. The pop-up box referenced in that article, provides a combination of attributes that may be used to infer a player's capabilities. However, while it may help determine whether you want to attack someone or not (be careful because anyone can buy decent ships that are well above their build capability!).


There are certain milestones that a player will achieve and they are all barely related.

NOTE: This table is entirely unofficial, and does not reflect any in-game ranking system.

Player Milestone Ranks
Ranking Milestones achieved
1 Someone who is completely new to the game and hasn't passed i20.
  • Has completed i30
  • Planetary Defense research tree
4 Has  completed research on :::*Tiamat III::*Hamdar III
5 Has Completed all research trees until the first final level (1 of 4)
6 Has researched to level III:::*Independence:*Black Hole
7 Has all four top Honor Weapons:::*Nemesis:*Wipeout::*BloodyMary
8 Is running Constellation Instances.
9+ Producing Tesla's and Tesla Flagships
Note: This is by no means complete, comprehensive, or definitive.

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