The Player level is the first means of comparison a new Player might encounter. The benefit to levelling up is more SP to use daily.

The Player levels up when a certain number of resources (Gold, Metal and He3) has been spent on buildings and ships on his planet. Note that the buildings and ships need to be finished to count. Speeding buildings up diminishes the  effective resources that building awards for level ups by the same percentage as the building time has been sped up. Speeding up shipbuilding seems to have no effect on the the effect of effective resources.


For each level, an escalating number of resources needs to be spent in order to level up. For the first few levels, these numbers are shown in the following table. These numbers follow the function of 2000 resources * (player level) ² in a good approximation.

Player Level Resources needed to be spent to level to this level Cumulative resources needed for this level
1 0 0
2 2500 2500
3 9000 11500
4 20000 31500
5 34000 65500
6 52500 118000
7 72500 190500
8 98000 288500
9 126000 414500
10 158000 572500
11 191000 763500


For each level-up, a player gains one extra SP to spend, starting with 50 at level 1. In consequence, this leads to odd numbers for even levels, for example a lvl 50 player would have 99 SP to spend each day.

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