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By using pulsed beams, this system can quickly intercept fighters and missile weapons. For every 1 Missile or Ship-Based Weapon, this adds 35%-55% chance to intercepting guided weapons and fighters for every Powered Pulse Cannon (PPC) module. 

Technical InformationEdit

Blueprint data
Module Blueprint Name Source Honor Points Prerequisites to use
Powered Pulse Cannon Powered Pulse Cannon icon Instance 20  2400HP research Missile Interception-II & Fighter Interception Cabin-II

Note that Missile Interception-II & Fighter Interception Cabin-II only have to be researched and not installed. The PPC replaces both of those modules.

PPC Specifications
Module Name Icon Max # of Modules Installation Slots iconVolume He3ResourceIconHe3 Use MetalResourceIconMetal Cost He3ResourceIconHe3 Use GoldResourceIconGold Cost
Powered Pulse Cannon-I Powered Pulse Cannon icon no max 18 0.04 28 24 19
Powered Pulse Cannon-II Powered Pulse Cannon icon no max 19 0.04 31 27 21
Powered Pulse Cannon-III Powered Pulse Cannon icon no max 20 0.04 36 32 26
PPC Benefits
Module Name Missile Interception Fighter Interception Reflective Damage
Powered Pulse Cannon-I Powered Pulse Cannon icon 35% 35% N/A
Powered Pulse Cannon-II Powered Pulse Cannon icon 45% 45% N/A
Powered Pulse Cannon-III Powered Pulse Cannon icon 55% 55% N/A


Each individual PPC module has a chance to intercept one incoming attack ( missile or ship based ).

Example :
If you have 1 PPC on your ship with 1K effective stack, you will have 1000 interception tries from your stack.
with no tech, 1000 * 55% = 550 interceptions will be tried (the actual number is determined by a random number generator, but statisticaly with so many intercept tries, 550 or so should be fairly certain).
If the attacker is using Zeus modules (intercept rating of 65%), 65% of your interceptions will connect, 550 * 65% = 358 missile attacks will be stopped.
If you have 2 PPC, you will intercept 716 attacks', 3 PPC, 1074 attacks... etc etc

PPC dont have diminishing return, the % of interception is just the chance of the module to activate, and each PPC has a single chance of activation.

Nihelbet bonus is added to the initial activation chance of the PPC.

Usage ConsiderationsEdit

Considered by some to be the penultimate 'air' defense module, the Powered Pulse Cannon III or PPC III is capable of replacing both the Missile Interception and Fighter Interception Cabin, albeit with a slightly lower level of protection.

You have to understand that the math shows that relying on PPC exclusively for air defense only works if you use a lot of them on your long range tank.

Most ship based or missile glass ship have 10 to 12 weapons, so you would need more than 20 PPC to acomplish total interception. (20 PPC on Nihelbet, 25 or more on Blackhole)

Effective stack is the main factor on interception tanking. The more stack you have, more PPCs will activate.

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