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Daily routine

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Players can complete quests to earn additional resources and items. Quests can be split into two types:
Development Quests - one time completion quests, made up of main quests and side quests.
Daily Quests - completable daily and redeemable for points which can be exchanged for daily rewards.

Repeated Side Quest lines:Edit

Many types of side quests lead directly to a more difficult version when completed, increasing the number of actions required to complete them.

  • Harvest Time - Increase Metal productivity to the required level
  • Gathering He3 - Increase He3 productivity to the required level
  • Raising Moral - Increase Gold productivity to the required level
  • Plentiful Resources - Store a set amount of Metal, He3 and Gold
  • Building Ships - Own a set number of ships
  • Ship Research - Upgrade a set number of ship blueprints (each upgrade counts towards the quest, meaning levelling a blueprint to level 3 gains you two points)
  • Parts Research - Upgrade a set number of parts
  • Recruitment - Recruit a set number of commanders
  • Beefing Up Defenses - Construct a set number of defensive structures
  • Contribution - Reach a set number of contribution points with your corps (this can be done through the donation of resources or mall points, 1 contribution point = 1 mall point or 10 000 resources)
  • Staying Green - Recycle a set number of ships
  • Friendly Faces - Add a set number of friends
  • Free Trade - Reach a set trading volume in the auction house
  • Military Ranks - Own a commander card with a set star level
  • Instances - Complete the numbered instance

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