Independence-III icon   RI8 Inde Evolved
Hull: Independence-III
Type: Flagship (Cruiser)
Hull Type: Light
Shields: 1481
Structure: 1651
Defense: N/A
Attack: 1170-1431
Range: 1-2 (1-4 with research)
Storage: 130
Movement: 10
Agility: 9.6
Transmission: 00:00:35
Ships: unknown
Eos Phase Shift Shield icon Eos Phase Shift Shield-III x 5
Energy Armor icon Energy Armor-III x 2
Shield Regenerator icon Shield Regenerator-III x 1
Tempest icon Tempest-III x 3
Anti-matter Engine icon  Anti-matter_Engine x 1
Orbital Shield icon  Orbital Shield x 1


This is suitable for RI8 and humaroids.


Anti-Matter Engine

5x Eos Phase shift shield

2x Energy Armour

Shield regenerator

3x Tempest

Ecm booster.



Everything used is III.

You could replace ecm booster for an eos so there is 6 eos, but i like the additional extra little agility and steering boost.

Cost and stats of ship

Module List

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