Valkyrie-III icon   Reimu
Hull: Valkyrie-III
Type: Frigate
Hull Type: N/A
Shields: 839
Structure: 1540
Defense: N/A
Attack: 195- 235
Range: 1-2
Storage:  ?
Movement: 5
Agility: 7.2
Transmission: 00:00:53
Ships: 1100
Super Transmission Engine icon Moteur a haute-transmission x 4
Taskmaster icon Tacheron(S)-III x 5
Particle Stun Shield icon Bouclier antiparticule-III x 3

General InfoEdit

  • Basic ballistic frigate design
  • Try to get this design as soon as possible if your a newbie before your 3-day protection is up.

Name OriginEdit

Named after a random shrine maiden from the Touhou series of shmups since like her, this ship can be bought with blueprints that can be bought cheaply even by a noob. Bonjour!

- HyBovis of S01_PH, S02_DE and S03_FR


  • Against one of LEGION's members (LORD_OMEGA) in a league match, 3150 Reimus in stacks of 350, lead by a 1-star Heloyce took no damage against an all-ballistic force consisting of Nettle-IIIs and Air-Wanderer-IIIs (in four groups).

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