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The battle of Lucifer's was so large, it crashed the game browser upon entry.

Server 01Edit

Server 01 is infamous for being an extremely hostile server. Dominated by a corps called SleepingForest, the entire server was forced into subjugation. (Few allies of SF were exempt, such as TRA and CallToArms) It is currently full.

The FightEdit

The battle began on the 9th of November 2012, where SF and friends were lured into attacking a player named Lucifer1 of the Devil corp. They placed the planet on the edge of the galaxy so that there were only two access points in zone 127. With this advantage, S09 blocked SF and friends in the West and South with several high starred commanders.

Wiki material2

The final battle report for the battle of Lucifer.

The battle ended at 3:21:30pm on 16th of November 2012 according to the in-game clock on round 8. The battle report was finally calculated and issued to players at 4:52:25pm.

Live streamEdit

Plans for streaming the merger war were discussed in S09 days before the merge. This materialized and was broadcasted here.


  • This battle was confirmed the largest battle in the game's history by IGG VIP support:
Parker -
"I'm sorry to tell you that there is no exact news about it. It is the biggest war in game now then we've ever had"
  • The game browser would crash upon entry of the planet.
  • A previous IGG maintenance 'ruined' the final battle report. The information of the final report is proposed to be the events of Round 5 till the end of the fight.

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