Battle of DOYDOY_85

Early morning 19 April 2012.



DOYDOY_85 of Starseekers (944,283)


18 April 2012-26 April 2012


Strategic Panot victory

The Battle of DOYDOY_85 is the 23rd major battle (21st war) in S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server). It began barely a day after the end of the longest war in the server. It is mainly fought by the members of Awesome Alliance (as defenders) and Panot Alliance (attackers).


Massive attacks were conducted by the Panot alliance against Starseekers corps, which is a prominent member of the Awesome Alliance. The former alliance attacked Marycar whilst the latter defended. Lots of decoys were sent again (in similar fashion to the longest wars). Situation is a bit laggy. The battle escalated between rounds 8-9.

Day 1,2Edit

Both the attacking and defending teams have arrived on different portals, although no the defenders are currently dominating the battlefield. The portals are generally unstable. (as of 12 MN April 20, 2012) Attackers have taken the South portal. (8:50 PM)

Galaxy Online II- Battle of DOYDOY 8510:06

Galaxy Online II- Battle of DOYDOY 85

Fighting is mostly concentrated on South and West portals.

Day 3,4Edit

Although the attackers got foothold near the center area, the defenders made a bulge that made the (attacking) fleet line loosely similar to the geographical structure of Cavite City. Battle is generally unstable with pockets from mixed sides attacking each other.

Day 5,6,7Edit

More decoys were sent as there are more fleets being sent into the site. The defenders are currently holding their position at the North portal where the attackers have stacked on the center part. Some defending fleets have entered from the East portal.

  • 26 April 2012 2:12 PM

Day 8Edit

The fleets off West portal are gone.

War reportEdit

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