S02 post merge

It was home to primarily high-level corps prior to its merger. After the merger, the server has been mixed with some mid-level Corps. The server is open, previously crowded but after the merger all inactive accounts have been cleared, so it went back to open.

The server is one of the 3 servers (formerly 4) of GO2 Philippines. On 19 October 2011, IGG merged S03. Pegasus (Philippine Server) with this server and currently runs under the name S02. Ursa Minor.

On 29 February 2012, IGG merged this server with S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server) and led to the S01 PH Merger Wars. Overall, this is the second time IGG merged a merged server.

Corps listEdit

This is the list of the corps on the merged S02 PH. Feel free to add your corps if you belong to the merged server.

Corp Logo Corp Name Corp Level
33 Zodiac 7
14 1137 7
Raptors Ouroboros 7
26 ^Game_Master^ 7
45 KoKaKz_Republic 7
14 1138 7
03 GalaxyTerror 7
20 -=WILDC@TS=- 7
17 Jokers 6
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