September Ursa Minor Wars


First War and Second Wars: Whips and Chains planets; RP attack: Whips and Chains


~late August-5 September 2011


Whips and Chains alliance: Whips and Chains, Inquisition, Coonriders. Opposition: Almost all other corps.


Opposition:37,652,954; W&C=16,132,906 [1]


Strategic Opposition victory, drop of W&C rank.

Casualties and losses

Opposition=6,555,811; W&C=ALL

The September Ursa Minor Wars happened on late August to September 5, 2011. There were 3 battles, 2 at Buckdogers(W&C) and (unidentified) and a RP battle. W&C lost all battles and signaled a new era on the server.

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