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S06. BootesEdit

S06. Bootes is a server on Galaxy online. one of the younger servers, it is populated heavly by older players who saw the opurtunity to own newbs. The ability to switch to a new server was shortly disabled after the company took note of this ownage.

Legion is the top corporation on this server, and defeated a great many players. This led to many people leaving the game, or joining with Legion. Recently this server was merged with S07 & S08. Some notable players on this server include WarFerrret, leader of Legion, Rain44, leader of Time_Lords, aZeroth, Godlike, Cadamrickard, leader of Salvation, and others. World chat is often filled with the strange yet funny rantings of Viden from Legion. Rain44 seems to be on all the time and is going to have a level 12 civic center any day now

Game and Server newsEdit

  • S06. Bootes, S07. Centaurus, and S08. Dorado have merged on October 25th, 2011 and renamed as S06. Bootes. See S06 Merger Wars .
  • Legion accomplished a server first and got thier corp to level 10. They are currently the only level 10 corporation on the entire server.
  • S06 has merged with S01 Ursa Major and named under S01 Ursa Major. There was no Server war although many of the S06 Corps have join exisiting Conflicts. Legion have  joined the alliance on the side of Sleeping Forest and allies, Salvation join with Deathkings and Allies.

Corp List in S06Edit

The Following Table is a list of the top 10 Corps in the S06 Server. For more information on a particular Corp, Click on the Corp Name. Keep in mind that ranks may change.

Logo Rank Name Level
1 Legion 10
2 Salvation 10
3 Legion1 9
4 IceBrigade 9
5 SpacedInvaderz 9
6 Sith_Lords 9
7 theskulls 9
8 Jokers1 9
9 Lions 9