S06. Merge War

After the server merge of servers 6, 7 and 8, players discovered that instead of the new server being made larger, it had a shrunk. The new server held only 112 resource bonus planets instead of the usual 126. Three servers merged together with less resources to go around. The alliance of F.U.N. (Consisting of many top corps of servers 7 and 8) set itself against the corps of server 6. F.U.N. members have continuously been in good communication outside the game and were highly organized. Pirate Alliance in particular was well prepared for the merge, taking all 8 RBPs within 15 minutes of the server going live. The first three battles began just one day after the merge. Two of the battle took place on Jokers1 territory (F.U.N.), and the third was on Redemption territory (S06). The battle on Redemption finished with F.U.N. as the victor.


The other Joker1 battle on S06. Bootes. It is round 19

The Jokers1 battles are finished The winner was the F.U.N. Alliance. The number of ships and sent are as followed: 32287676 ships (all lost, S6), 33661634 (9713868 lost, F.U.N). The second battle had around 100m ships total (exact numbers needed). These battles were the climax of the war. With Salvation practically destroyed, along with theskulls being battered into submission, both losing their remaining RBPs, the ultimate winner of the S06 Merger Wars is F.U.N Alliance.

More recently, members of the FUN Alliance have taken almost all of the top 10 Corps slots, and continue to incur high casualties on S06 corps that attack RBP's. However with the new Syndicate Alliance the previous S06 corps are gaining many RBPs.

When F.U.N. seeming to be winning the war, a few corps within F.U.N. switched sides and created a new alliance, "The Syndicate". The Syndicate Consists many very high level players are all corps are very technologically advanced. There is currently a new battle being fought, on F.U.N. territory. Both sides are sending very high level, advanced ships, and both are using effective fleet strategies against each. The battle at this moment is difficult to say who is winning.

Because of the the new Alliance, F.U.N. is having diffuculty maintaining their RBPs. The Syndicate is attacking all they can and, more likely than not, are claiming the planets for their own. It is yet to be seen if they can hold them.

well this war's been over for awhile...

NOW it seems FUN and the syndicate have a truce in order to deal with Server 3 that have joined the party this could make things very interesting if FUN and the syndicate can work together long enough as it become a 3 way what i wonder what will happen next.

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