S08 Dorado

S08. Dorado Galaxy

S08. DoradoEdit

The S08. Dorado Server was home to many mid level Corps. It was a crowded server, but was not full.

Game and Server newsEdit

Corp List in S08Edit

The Following Table is a list of the top 100 Corps in the S06 Server. For more information on a particular Corp, Click on the Corp Name. Since this table is a start, if you are a member of one of these Corps, please create your link to your Corp or encourage your Corp President to create their page from this list. Obviously this list doesn't have 100 Corps in it yet. Rankings are not found on the following table since they can change daily.

Corp Logo Corp Name Corp Level Alliance's
42 S08-Pirate Alliance 8

Trojans, Nightmare, ZAFT, Watchmen

ICeBrigade 8 HARKONNEN, Dr Willy, Trojans, Indo, squigglies
Nightmare 8 Trojans, Pirate Alliance, ZAFT
Legion 8 Darkside
SpacedInvaderz 8 Dr Willy, Indo, Pirate Alliance Icebrigade, Nightmare
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