22   Checkmate
Rank: 6
Name: Checkmate
Level: 9
Members: 110/110
Territories: 9
Points: 6713095
Server: S09. Hydra
As Of: April 14,2012

This Corp is a Level 9 Corp. Membership is restricted. Members must be Level 60 or higher, have passed Instance 30, a minimum of 400,000 Attack Power and at least Rank 3 in League.


Position Player
Colonel HD.Dragon
Asst. Colonel MRJOHNNY
Lt. Colonel Maverick
Lt. Colonel Overlord008
Lt. Colonel HunterUK
Lt. Colonel TwiztedKlown
Lt. Colonel Ceaser90
Lt. Colonel Jebus232
Lt. Colonel Brooky232


Part of the Concordian Alliance


Corp Logo Corp Name Level
02 Dominion 6
37 Ragnarok 5

Min DonationsEdit

Minimum Donations are 16,000,000 per week (1600 Contribution Points) and 3 fleets (Badge with Honor Weapons min) protecting an RBP at all times.


None at the moment.

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