??   Orion Outlaws
Rank: 14
Name: Orion Outlaws
Level: 08
Members: 66
Territories: 2
Points: 1056913
Server: S09. Hydra
As Of: May 16, 2012

The Orion Outlaws are a corps originally based in(unsurprisingly) S10-Orion. It was created by Barbossa in June 2011, and it ranks overall in the top 15 corps within the server & has since been merged in to server S09 Hydra where they continue to be an underdog but this dog bites back where it hurts our enemys RBP`s.

True to their name, the members generally have a a war-mongering and shifty nature, seen in their willingness to lose ships even in hopeless situations, or perform hit-and-runs. Conducting strategy and plans are done within a select circle of members, who keep this information a secret.

Though originally rather friendly and accepting, the corps has since become more careful of new recruits, filtering alts and spies when something seems amiss. Inactives are kicked out quickly as well. This sets up a tight family of members, who aid the others beneath them, often times with little gain to the provider. Each member also serves as a 'town guard,' alerting others to incoming attacks and such. Generally non-aggresive in terms of open war, the members prefer to be quiet and avoid agitating other players.

An overall sneaky corps; relying less on power and more on being at the right place at the right time.

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