S09 Battle at AllSpark
Battle at AllSpark
The battle environment.


AllSpark (Dark Moon)


10 November-14 November 2011 (verification needed)


See Corps involved in the battle .


9-11=31,144,189; S10=35,163,520


Strategic 9-11 victory

Casualties and losses

9-11=13,416,644; S10=ALL


Universal War

The Battle at Allspark commenced shortly after the Server Merge. In the beginning, it has been back and forth. Reinforcements arrived as soon as one side began to lose. The Orion Alliance (7 corps from the former S10 Orion) held their own against what seems to be two whole servers, which have formed a coalition calling themselves 9/11. Propaganda is spewed from both sides, with claims such as "5 million POG deployed in 10 minutes" and "6.5 million Quick Assault deployed in three minutes" flying between the two opposing sides. The space base of the planet in question was divided down the center line, with the OA holding the left side and 9/11 holding the other.


The Battle at AllSpark ends with the 9/11 Alliance as victors, sending 31.1 mil and taking 13.4 mil losses. The 7 corps force from S10 loses 35.1 mil. The battle lasted 4 days.

Battle at AllSpark Final Results


Corps involved in the battleEdit

  • Genesis
  • Meltdown
  • Severed Nation
  • Sexytary01
  • PH_Elite
  • Damocles_Sword
  • Dark_Moon
  • Templer
  • Checkmate
  • WarGodsII
  • Fantasy1
  • LionPride
  • Seven_Nation
  • Revolution
  • Real
  • Enigma
  • Devil
  • Dragons1
  • Duty
  • DarkStorm
  • DarkStorm3
  • Enigma_II
  • Ludi

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