01   Intensivecare
Rank:  ??
Name: Intensivecare
Level:  ??
Members:  ??
Territories:  ??
Points:  ??
Server: S09. Hydra
As Of: October 30, 2011

About UsEdit

IntensiveCare is a corp, that shot up high in the ranks under the leadership of flightleader early in the game. Having 5 resource planets at its peak, inactivity and social loss quickly destroyed its work and eventually several corp. merges were made. The first was to super nova which failed due to lack of leadership. because of this failure, many of the corp disbanded from the merge. Bishp, a member of silent order, took command of Supernova later and tried his best to remake the corp. Much of the command of IC reunited and reformed IC. A new leader was placed in command of IC and through tactics such as hit and run, infultration, and organization of resources, was able to aquire a peak of 4 RPs. However, a total of 10 RPs were taken and lost. Had we organized it better, we might have taken the game by storm. Seeing many of his men leave the game altogether, the commander proposed a merge with XNation. only a few actually made th jump. many decided to stay and went completly inactive. The merge happened soon after. Though IC still exists, it has not seen much activity for several months. But we are not dead...

Current eventsEdit

Relations breaking down with XN leadership. former rank was ommited when merge took place. Manyhave left both IC and XN origionals. Bishop has since moved to XN, and built up a position of COS. Even so, it is clear their command is biased to simply meeting the enemy head on instead of taking more subtle aproaches. Granted, many tactics have changed since them merge, but signiture ones have not. Whats left of the IC men may break up into nothing. many people considering leaving in droves.

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