Battle of hankvalmont
1 on hankvalmont's 14 fleets attacking a Hamdar fleet of the attacker.


hankvalmont (U.G.G.F.U.)


24 October 2011


johnnyraz (ludi) vs. hankvalmont, Shaner, Ardvark (U.G.G.F.U.)


johnnyraz=89,975;combined UGGFU strength=752,108


Tactical UGGFU victory

Casualties and losses

johnnyraz=ALL; hankvalmont=ALL, Shaner=~9,397, Ardvark=~9,016


Minor Battle


The Battle of hankvalmont was a non-war minor battle between johnnyraz of ludi and (primarily) hankvalmont of S10-U.G.G.F.U. fought at S10. Orion. Originally, the battle seemed to go well in UGGFU's favor since hankvalmont outnumbered johnnyraz around 2.5 to 1. But as about hanky was almost decimated, Shaner reinforced and still, the Hamdar ships of johnnyraz almost ignored them. Ardvark and Shaner brought more reinforcements and when all of hankvalmont' ships were destroyed, they were attacked but defended hank's place successfully. According to Shaner, he lost about 9,000 ships and 397 Daybreaks and Ardvark lost 9,000 Hamdars and 16 Independence special hulls.

It could possibly be the largest single loss of ships for ludi.


  • 2nd largest ship loss in UGGFU history
  • Largest battle since Natsu attacked Ardvark on September.
  • 2nd largest peacetime battle.

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