S14 Cancer

S14. Cancer Galaxy

S14. CancerEdit

On the 10th of November 2011 this server along with S13. Gemini were merged into S12. Taurus.

The S14. Cancer Server was home to many mid to high level Corps. It was a Crowded Server, but it was not full.

Corp List in S14Edit

Rebelz is the longest running corp on the server (that is somewhat active) as well as one of the only mid-large corps with its original leaders.

Space Eagles was the power of the server, until they were made out of action and no longer held the top position throughout many wars intended to end their tyranny. They were made of the most powerful players from the major corps (eg Chosen, Rebelz) it was set up not long after a war between Chosen, Rebelz and Nemisis, and Speed Demons, Space Eagles now is considered a decrepit and destroyed corps whose planets light up the sky from the flames of their burning defeat.

Pagan Joined the server and quickly became powerful they Mainly came from Ursa minor, where their corp was lions pride, becoming friends and working together is how they quickly rose to the top without using any type of alts, Pagan has over come all obstacles in there way. soon there was a small war that ended with them joining a NAP with the Space Eagles that was the beginning of the big alliance with , Nemisis, Rebelz. and sister corps.

After the "merge" most of S14 Cancer's top corps have become, demolished or much smaller than they used to be, most of the top S14 Cancer members have rivaled together with other server members after the merge to create more powerful factions.

Corp Logo Corp Name Corp Level
Space Eagles 8
Nemesis 8
Rebelz 8
Pagan_Spiral 7
Soul_Reapers 7
Inhibitors 7
CowBoys From Hell 7
Fade_To_Black 7
Galactic_Empire 7
Federated_Suns 7
Warlords 7
VeniVidiVici 6
StormBrigade 6
Revolt 6
Vorpal_Bunnies 7
DragonRaiderz 6
OmegaDelta 6

list will outdate often...

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