16   Corps Corp
Rank:  ??
Name: Corps Corp
Level:  ??
Members:  ??
Territories:  ??
Points:  ??
Server: S15. Leo
As Of:  ??

It all started as a twinkle in a Unicorn's eye. The idea of owning a corps, of commanding the respect and claiming the responsibility, was just too much for a man named UnicornsAreReal. The Unicorn embarked on an epic journey with many dangers around every bend. The Great Quest, as it was later called, was to obtain the coveted Corps Certificate. These rare, ellusive sheets of paper existed only in the digital plane, where many a Unicorn never returned. The journey was arduous, and filled with great peril. Many a times the Unicorn hesitated here and there, wondering if his decision to barge forth into the unknown was as wise as he once pondered. However, at the end of the journey there was a glimmer in the distance. A bright, and yet small button on the lower left hand side of the screen that said 'Buy Points'. It was with his last ounce of strength that the Unicorn knew what must be done. When the Unicorn fineally reached out and grabbed his credit card, he knew that this was his finest hour.

Then the battle of wills ensued, followed by the Great Purchasing Guilt. Though these events left deep emotional scarrs on the Unicorn that could never heal completely, he was nevertheless proud to be one of the few, the proud, and the brave owners of a Corps Certificate. It was fineally with this certificate that the Unicorn proclaimed to the world:

"And with this, there shall be Corps!"

And it was so.

Corps Corp is a Corp called Corps. Commanded by UnicornsAreReal.

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