35   Abomination
Rank: 1
Name: Abomination
Level: 9
Members: 109/110
Territories: 9
Points: 4,140,563 +
Server: S15. Leo
As Of: 22nd February 2012

Abomination was a corp that started on S17 and was the underdog for a long time but eventually rose to be the number one corp in S17 by teamwork and pure determination, beating out the other S17 corps they joined the S15 during the battle of Amu and after that tried to keep activity in the alliance and server with a server wide weike war but was subsquently booted from the S15 alliance and fought valiantly for months before eventually falling under the pressure of a 32 corp alliance in July 2012 after the 15-18 server merge.

"Now i rest, enjoy tearing yourselves to pieces without me."

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