Crunched for time, more information to come soon either by myself or one of my corp mates.

S17. Libra Corp Devil is among the top 5 powerhouses of the server. Unlike traditional corps being run by a Colonel and supported by Lt. Colonels, Devil is run by a council comprised of the Colonel and all of the Lts. no one member of the council has more say in a matter than another, and council members must be approved by a majority of council. This practice began they were founded. Devil was one of the first 5 corps founded on the server, having been created the second day into the server. Devil merged with Dark Reign on Server 15.

Council MembersEdit

  • DemonHunter
  • blairmare
  • Vaki
  • Blackle
  • Flux
  • Spawnrage
  • scammer
  • TheRealDaddio
  • biteme2
  • vaki


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