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Yet another battle on the newly merged S18. Part of the S18 Server Wars .

The Battle of Usadans was started by an attack by Andrew19- (Colonel of SHADOW_GUARDIAN). He had just gotten done bullying Shaggy of Dead Heaven, and after drama in World Chat, sent on Usadans of ComparTheMeerkats. Meerkats, Teletubbies, Firestorm and alts/friends quickly sent ships to defend, as Andrew19, Yrrah, and many of their friends/alts all sent more. At one point, Elegua51 of ComparTheMeerkats sent an attack to Andrew19, but after tanking many rounds he was overcome by sheer numbers and defeated.

At some point, NateDawggy of Jesters sent a message to world chat announcing the truce between Revenants and Van Helsing was over, and many players from Revenants and Legion swarmed into the battle against the defense.

I can confirm much of this - Andrew19 Initiated - Van Helsing particularly ComparTheMeerkat responded, then Revenants sent.. it seems the drama in world chat refered to was between Elegua51 and Andrew19, and in response to this Andrew19 attacked the closest CtM player which unfortunately for Usadans was he : JavaByte 20:48, February 23, 2012 (UTC)


Player base: Usadans (Player ID = 817) of ComparTheMeerkat

Co-Ordinates: 138,110 (zone 16)

The Corps InvolvedEdit

Defending: [Van Helsing]Edit

  • Teletubbies
  • Firestorm
  • U.S.S Voyager

Attacking: [Revenants, Legion, The Hive, Andrew]Edit

  • Sidhe
  • Shadow Guardian
  • Jesters
  • Harkonnen
  • The_grey_council
  • Angelus
  • Excessive Force
  • WarGods
  • Angels With Horns


would add a screenshot if it would let me but i keep getting the confirmation codse wrong to sign up so cba

Attackers: winEdit

sent: 8,950,166

lost: 960,127


sent: 3,169,291

lost: 3,169,291


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