The 4 sites of the battles as shown in the screenshot dated 18 February 2012.

The S18 Merger Wars are a series of 4 battles (and later a fifth) across the newly-merged S18. Scorpio. This is the third documented merger war (the other 2 being the S06 Merger Wars and the S15 merger wars) and the fourth documented multi-planet war (along with the S15, S06 merger wars and the S01 PH - Harabas Wars).

Battle History:Edit

As of 10 AM EST Feb. 20 2012, According to player chat, a ceasefire was called leaving the Battle of Vertex to finish with no more reinforcements being sent.

As of Feb 23, 2012 around 8AM EST, the truce has been broken by Revenants and war is back on.

As of 05 March, 2012, a new battle has erupted, continuing the S18 Merger War. The Revenants Alliance corp TheBlackThorn stole a RBP from Van Helsing Alliance member corp Harkonnen , which ultimately led to a large scale battle erupting at DadeMurphy's planet (Colonel of Harkonnen ) . At this time, several Revenants players have sent large numbers of fleets to destroy Harkonnen's ships. World chat attempts to draw in major allied players have been mainly thwarted as they were seen as attempts by Revenants to draw major allied player's fleets into battle so their home planets could be invaded as well. This attack by Revenants has drawn ire due to the often delayed maintenance potentially being delayed yet again.

Battle Sites:Edit


The last battle concluded with DadeMurphy of Harkonnen's base being destroyed and with SHADOW_GUARDIAN (of Revenants) being named as white flag corp.
Revenants (an alliance of multiple corps) and allied alliances; with Revenants::TheBlackThorn as executor, won all but one of these battles (Battle of Xilspher) but in others they suffered very heavy losses.

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