Scorpio ConstellationEdit

The Scorpio constellation is the ninth of the twelve constellations released 22 August 2013.

The Constellation features four scenarios of extreme difficult and players should use the best ships and weapons available to them. Like Trial Instances, all ships will be returned to the player, minus the he3 that was consumed.

These instances feature Nwyfre, Gwyar,Calas with GFS Vengence flagships with Ultimate Weaponry commanded by 9-star The Heartless Ones, The Forsaken , and Homeric Hellions Divine Commanders. Only the strong of heart shall attempt these instances.

Pirate Ship DesignsEdit

Calas Tank

Gwyar Laser

Nywfre Ballistic

GFS Vengence Flagship

Strategies to Defeat Scorpio 3Edit




(scroll of The Pioneers icon Technomancers icon Queens of Blades icon )


(scroll of The Pioneers icon Technomancers icon Queens of Blades icon )




Jack-O-Lantern Artemis


Senior Metal Pack Senior He3 Pack Gold Pack B Huma Gem Ruins-Chart-II Ruins-Chart-III Ruins-Chart-IV Primus Cubes Spark

Other ConstellationsEdit

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