In an effort to boost player interaction while restructuring the playing field, IGG is starting to merge servers. On October 25th, US Servers S06. Bootes, S07. Centaurus, and S08. Dorado were merged into one server named S06. Bootes. US Servers S01. Ursa Major and S02. Ursa Minor will be merged on November 4, 2011 and will be renamed as S01. Ursa Major. US Servers S03. Pegasus, S04. Canis Major, and S05. Canis Minor will be merged on November, 4, 2011 as well and will be renamed as S03. Pegasus. It is unclear at this point if future servers will also merge, but based on IGG's stance, this might be inevitable for all servers. Also Servers S15. Leo, S16. Virgo, and S17. Libra will merge on December 9,2011 at 1:00 A.M.

Merger RulesEdit

1. All player IDs will be changed automatically.

2. All fleets not stationed at a player's home planet will be dismissed automatically.

3. All active Resource Pack Boosters will be paused during the merger and reactivated after the switch has completed.

4. The possibility of duplicate names across servers has been considered. Character and Corps name matches from S07.Centaurus and S08.Dorado will be renamed with a numerical suffix.

5. All open requests to join Corps and Corps event information will be deleted.

6. All Resource Bonus Planets will be vacated and controlled by Computer Pirates. All Corps will be compensated for their losses based on the level of the Space Station within their respective RBPs.

7. All active battles will be ceased immediately and the remaining warships will be sent back to their home planets at the end of current round when the servers are brought down.

8. All individual League Match ranks will remain unchanged.

9. Any Lv1-9 profile that has been inactive for 14 days or more will be deleted during the merger.

10. All players' friend lists will be cleared.

11. All in-game messages will be deleted during the server merger. Please take all unclaimed items out of your mailbox before the merger. The developers of GOII will NOT be responsible for any loss caused by this.

12. It is advised to 1) withdraw any current ongoing auctions in the auction house, and 2) ensure there are no ships currently undergoing repairs in the shipyard prior to the server merger to minimize the chances of data loss during the merger process. The Galaxy Online II team will NOT take any responsibility nor compensate for losses incurred from the above methods after the merger.

13. All unclaimed Metal Resource Comsats and He3 Resource Comsats in Subsidiary Territories will be removed during the merger.

14. After the server-merge finished, all players will gain some vouchers as gift in the new server.

15. IGG reserves the rights to final interpretation of the merger and its rules.

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