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Shield Regenerator icon
This system can restore shield points.

Research ImprovementsEdit

The following research improvements improve this module:

Research Improvement
Restoration Restoration icon Allows ships to restore 60% more Shields at the beginning of each round.

With research, the Shield Regenerator can restore 64 to 128 shield points per round.

Shield Regenerator AttributesEdit

Module Name Max # of Modules Installation Slots icon Volume He3ResourceIconHe3 Use MetalResourceIconMetal Cost He3ResourceIcon He3 Cost GoldResourceIconGold Cost
Shield Regenerator-I Shield Regenerator icon no max 18 0.05 25 15 19
Shield Regenerator-II Shield Regenerator icon no max 20 0.06 27 17 21
Shield Regenerator-III Shield Regenerator icon no max 22 0.06 31 21 25

Shield Regenerator BenefitsEdit

Module Name Shield Restoration (Per Round) Shield Restoration (with Science)
Shield Regenerator-I Shield Regenerator icon +40 +64
Shield Regenerator-II Shield Regenerator icon +60 +96
Shield Regenerator-III Shield Regenerator icon +80 +128

Blueprint InformationEdit

Module Blueprint Name Source HP Honor Points Prerequisites to use
Shield Regenerator Shield Regenerator icon Instance 17 n/a research Energy Shield Booster-I
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