About TanksEdit

Tanks are ships designed with a bias towards defense. Usually, they only have a single weapons module that is consistent with the type of fleet that they were designed for. There is a very good technical article on Tank design.

Unfortunately, the technical article forwards suggestions that are very specific and therefore does not apply to all cases. Also, the game's technology has also moved forward since it was written. Light Armor, for example, isn't even mentioned and the Independence is a formidible Tank because of its Light Armor. The Dullahan was only added in late 2012 and has some features that are even beyond the Independence.

If you are doing instances, you can find some useful tips on early tank designs here.


A typical Tank design meets the following;

Recommended values
Shields 4500-5000+ (2600-3500 for Independence Tanks)
Struct Hull default
MOV Fleet Battle speed (min)
ATK A single weapons module of the highest available ATK value

This changes somewhat depending on the chosen Fleet Formation and the fleet's purpose.


All Tanks should be equipped with the following

Recommended Hulls (in order of preference and depending on Player Rank)Edit

  1. Asterion
  2. The Tenebrae
  3. Arctic Airboard (Rank 7+)
  4. Liberty Wings (Rank 7+)
  5. Dullahan (Rank 7+)
  6. Black Hole Rank 6)
  7. Independence (Rank 6)
  8. Tiamat (Rank 3)
  9. Diaz (Rank 2)

Shields v StructEdit

Shields trump Structure, always and by large amounts. Ergo, the given Struct values of a hull is usually sufficient. Those whom are using Diaz and Tiamats as Tanks are probably still flying Instances and have not yet completed i30. Even for those players, it is not cost-beneficial to enhance hull structure. Much more benefits accrue to shield enhancements, at lower volume cost. The only exceptions to this is the Gravity Maint Facility since it adds 1000 struct and up to 1 Defense point at little installation slot cost and the Copernicus Gyroscope.

Where UsedEdit

  1. Common Formation
  2. Standard Formation
  3. Head and Shoulders Formation
  4. Glass House Formation
  5. Core-Shooter Formation



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