Air Wanderer-III icon   TankKi
Hull: Air_Wanderer-III
Type: Frigate
Hull Type: Neutralizing
Shields: 1248
Structure: 1280
Defense: N/A
Attack: 0
Range: n/a
Storage: 5
Movement: 5
Agility: 8.0
Transmission: 00:00:58
Ships: 1100
Particle Stun Shield icon Particle Stun Shield-III x 4
Super Transmission Engine icon Super Transmission Engine x 4
Heat Diffusion Shield icon Heat Diffusion Shield-III x 4

General InfoEdit

  • This is just a basic Meatshield build for the early instances, with enough damage absorption (1100 ships = 220000 basic, 352000 vs kinetic or 396000 vs heat) to take a lot of punishment. A full stack should remain serviceable as part of the fleet up to about i16, even though you will probably stop building them long before then.
  • Their main weakness is low He storage, requiring some kind of Tanker ship escort for long battles. 

Designer's NotesEdit

Neutralizing armor reduces damage from magnetic and explosive weapons. The PSS and Heat shields are there to add protection against the other two types. Speed should be sufficient to keep up with most fleets in which it will be used.

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