Taurus ConstellationEdit

The Taurus Constellation is the eighth of the twelve constellations released 11 December 2012.

This Constellation features twelve scenarios of extreme difficult and players should use the best ships and weapons available to them. Like Trial Instances, all ships will be returned to the player, minus the he3 that was consumed.

These instances feature Liberty Wings, Chimera Fleets and Conquistador-X flagships with Ultimate Weaponry commanded by 9-star Titan Divine Commanders. Only the strong of heart shall attempt these instances.

Instance viewerEdit

The following link is an interactive view of all of the Constellation Instances, ships and information. A very useful tool.

Instance RewardsEdit

Level Name Max Fleets EXP Possible Rewards
T01 Taurus.T01 6 100,000

(Scroll Eschaton Adventists sm ) Tyson Kinetic Shield

T02 Taurus.T02 8 100,000

(Scroll HandSm ) Tyson Heat Shield Exodus-III

T03 Taurus.T03 10 100,000

(Scroll HekatianSm ) Tyson Magnetic Shield Kirov-III

T04 Taurus.T04 12 100,000

(Scroll DoppleSm ) Tyson Anti-Explosion Shield Bastion-III icon


Senior Metal Pack Senior He3 Pack Gold Pack B ( Scroll Chest II-VI) Huma Gem Ruins-Chart-II Ruins-Chart-III Ruins-Chart-IV Primus Cubes Spark

Instance statisticsEdit


Other ConstellationsEdit

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