Wheel of Fortune2

The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

Special Event from 07/01/2011 to 08/31/2011.

The Wheel of Fortune is available by going to play the game in HD and clicking on the "Event" Tab.

1. To spin the Wheel of Fortune, click here(

2. Each Facebook account is allowed to spin the Wheel of Fortune for free only once each day.

3. Everything won from the Wheel of Fortune will be bound.

4. Prizes won from the Wheel of Fortune will be delivered to that player's in-game mailbox.

Approximate Drop RateEdit

Lottery Item Description
Movement Card SP Card Recovers 10 Movement Points
Gift Pack (A) Gift Pack B Gains 10 Vouchers
Raw Gemstones Raw Gemstone Required for Gem Merging. 4 Raw Gemstones will merge into 1 Gem.
He3 Pack Primary He3 Pack Gain 50,000 He3
Metal Pack Primary Metal Pack Gain 50,000 Metal
Construction Card Construction Card Activates 3 construction slots for 72 Hours
Gold Pack Gold Pack B Gain 30,000 Gold.
Gift Pack (B) Gift Pack B Gain 30 Vouchers
Skill Commander Card Skill Commander Card Gain a Skill Commander Card
EOS Phase Shift Shield Eos Phase Shift Shield icon Adds 100-220 points to Shields and absorbs 30-70 points of damage

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