Diaz-II icon   Tiaz
Hull: Diaz-II
Type: Battleship
Hull Type: N/A
Shields: 284
Structure: 4468
Defense: N/A
Attack: 1206-1377
Range: 2-5
Storage: 28
Movement: 6
Agility: 2.8
Transmission: 00:01:21
Ships: 900
Pulse Laser Transmitter icon Pulse Laser Transmitter-III x 9
Hull Maintenance Mechanic icon Hull Maintenance Mechanic-III x 2
Gravity Maint Facility icon Gravity Maint. Facility-III x 2
Team Combat Engine icon Team Combat Engine x 3
Powered Pulse Cannon icon Powered Pulse Cannon-III x 2

General InfoEdit

  • Directional Weapons
  • Purchasable at the Corps Mall for 41 contribution points
  • First seen in Instance 4.

This is a Directional weapons based battleship. It is very tough with its strong hull but has weak shields. For being accessible so early in the game it is still a level 3 chassis with technology only available from high level instances. Due to the ease of upgrading the Corps Mall early on it may still be advisable to skip this ship depending on your needs. The Landing in the level 2 mall does almost the same damage but is much cheaper costing only 26 points

Strategy for defeatingEdit

  • Use kinetic weapons in large enough quantity to cause serious pain.

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