The Trade Zone is an area where buyers and sellers can post their information without having to put them in the actual Auction House. The great part about this is you don't have to post your item in the AH and then it expires because no one purchased it. Since you loose your tax doing this, many people revert to posting what they have for sale on the Loudspeaker to the World and then wait for someone to PM them. The problem with that is that your audience is whoever is online and reading your loudspeaker post at that time. This page is set up for players to post their trades on the page and to get buyers and sellers together. This should work very nicely for selling those Tiamat ships. This page is a work in progress and depending on how popular it is, we will modify it as it goes.

Items for SaleEdit

The Items for Sale page is a list of all items for sale by a particular player. If you have an item for sale, click on the Items for Sale page and post your item there.

Items RequestedEdit

The Items Requested page is a list of items you are looking to purchase. Sellers of items that have an item that you have requested can contact you.

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