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Often mentioned as the AH in chat (or Auction House, incorrectly as it's called the Trading Center in the game), is used to trade Items (ships, blueprints, gems, boosts and commander cards) between players, at a price set by the seller.


Allows any player to buy something using either MP (Mall Points) or Gold (From taxes). MP purchases tend to be very cheap compared with Gold purchases because gold is easier to obtain in-game than MP (MP has to be purchased with a real credit card).


Allows players who can afford it to sell items with a tax. this tax is variant of your Trading Center's level. Only non-sealed items can be sold. Item prices vary a great deal due to market effects of supply and demand, this micro-ecconimic model also means that prices may vary greatly from server to server.

The Trading Center is a facility which enables players to access the trading screen, to buy and sell goods.  It charges an administrative fee for these transactions (commission), begining with a fee of 10% of the offered price and declining by 1% with each upgrade, this also scales depending on whether you choose 12, 24 or 48 hours duration for your items listing and the upgrade level of your Trading Center, the percentage when selling for either gold or mall points for a level 7 Trading center is 5%, 6%, 6.5% for 12, 24 and 48 hours respectively.

Direct Trading

Direct trading isn't possible in the game but the Trading Center is used for this purpose, generally via very low price trades made with another player. This can be done by buying the item very quickly using search, another method is the sell high and recoup technique, this is very much safer but requires more trust between the players and also requires the MP or Gold to buy the item for a high price in first place, then the remainder is traded back for 1 low value item sold for high price.

Black Market

The Trading Center also includes a Black Market where the player can transfer Metal into He3 or convert He3 into metal. There is an exchange rate for this transaction and improves as the level of your trading center increases.

Black Market

Trading Center in use


Trading Center Stats by Level

Lv. Civic Center Needed Weapons Research Center Needed Technology Center Needed Trading Tax Max # of Simultaneous Transactions Black Market Exchange Rate Upgrade Time in HH:MM:SS Upgrade Cost
1 2 1 1 10% 1 1:0.50 00:06:40 MetalResourceIcon 1,200
He3ResourceIcon 1,100
GoldResourceIcon 1,500
2 3 2 2 10% 2 1:0.55 00:20:08 MetalResourceIcon 4,224
He3ResourceIcon 3,872
GoldResourceIcon 5,280
3 4 3 3 9% 3 1:0.60 01:01:00 MetalResourceIcon 14,911
He3ResourceIcon 13,668
GoldResourceIcon 18,638
4 5 4 4 8% 4 1:0.65 03:05:27 MetalResourceIcon 52,784
He3ResourceIcon 48,385
GoldResourceIcon 65,980
5 6 5 5 7% 5 1:0.70 09:25:38 MetalResourceIcon 187,383
He3ResourceIcon 171,768
GoldResourceIcon 234,229
6 7 6 6 6% 5 1:0.75 28:50:50 MetalResourceIcon 667,084
He3ResourceIcon 611,493
GoldResourceIcon 833,854
7 8 7 7 5% 5 1:0.80 88:33:38 MetalResourceIcon 2,381,488
He3ResourceIcon 2,183,031
GoldResourceIcon 2,976,860
8 9 8 8 4% 5 1:0.85 272:45:59 MetalResourceIcon 8,525,728
He3ResourceIcon 7,815,251
GoldResourceIcon 10,657,160
9 10 9 9 3% 5 1:0.90 842:50:54 MetalResourceIcon 30,607,363
He3ResourceIcon 28,056,750
GoldResourceIcon 38,259,204

Note: Build times and construction costs may vary depending on your Construction Boost and Quality Materials research.

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