A widespread war across S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server)occurred from 22 March 2012 to 30 April 2012.&nbsp This is mainly fought by the opposing sides during the Battle of Marycar. Several wars have been reported during and after Marycar. During a conversation with a player, he said that everytime a player from Panot Alliance farms somebody from Awesome, the latter will defend, creating large-scale wars. The only period here without a related battle was on between Maycar and DOYDOY (17-18 April).

List of battlesEdit

Name of battle host Date Corps
Marycar 22 March-17 April 2012 Undead-Masters
Cable 30-31(?) March 2012 Grudge
0-zyber-0 between 5-6 April 2012 Roboratz
DOYDOY 85 18 April 2012-28 April 2012 Starseekers
Ngor 25 April-26 or 27 April 2012 Grudge
MhoN09 26 April 2012-28 April 2012 DOOM
Jhaideenar 26 or 27 April 2012-28 April 2012 Starseekers
Orlandocard 28 April 2012-29 April 2012 SKULL
Lebarth 29 April 2012-? Starseekers
ReSpec 29 or 30 April 2012-30 April FairyTail


Battle of MarycarEdit

Main article: Battle of Marycar

The war at Marycar is possibly GO2's longest war in its history, lasting for approximately 25 days and 22 hours. It's ship count is marred by maintenance events that occur throughout the duration of the war, on which the four longest wars of the server at least had one.

Battle of CableEdit

Battle of Cable


Cable (Grudge)


30 March 2012-31 March 2012(?)


Tactical defensive victory(?)

The Battle of Cable was a war between Inviato and Grudge. It erupted shortly in the morning of 30 March 2012, nearly 8 days after the Battle of Marycar started.

Second April WarEdit

Second April War


0-zyber-0 (Roboratz)


presumably April 5-April 6, 2012


Attackers -Undead-Masters, KOJ (as mentioned by Mortis and ^_^s†inxz______), Defenders - Roboratz


Tactical Roboratz victory


around 5 million for both sides, total is guesstimated to be 10 million

The Second April War (or the Battle of 0-zyber-0) was a battle fought between the Awesome Alliance and the Panot alliance presumably between 5 April until 6 April 2012, as stated by Mortis that the battle lasted for 1 and a half days. It is the second major battle within the timeline of the larger Battle of Marycar.

Battle of MhoN09Edit

Battle of MhoN09


MhoN09 (DOOM) 1495,336


25 April 2012-28 April 2012


Tactical offensive victory

The battle at the planet of MhoN09 is a war fought by DOOM and Grudge. Other forces and corps have joined the battle almost 2 days later with the widespread use of decoys.

Battle of DOYDOY 85Edit

Main article: Battle of DOYDOY 85

It followed Marycar as DOYDOY was attacked by Panot. Panot won the battle at Day 8.

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