Whirlpool-III icon   Z-6
Hull: Whirlpool-III
Type: Battleship
Hull Type: Regen
Shields: 1912
Structure: 6440
Defense: 430
Attack: 2276-2578
Range: 2-5
Storage: 70
Movement: 7
Agility: 15
Transmission: 00:00:46
Ships: 900
Anti-matter Engine icon Anti-matter Engine x 1
Team Combat Engine icon Team Combat Engine x 1
Infrared Scanner icon Infrared Scanner-III x 1
Auto Target System icon Auto Target System-III x 1
ECM Booster icon ECM Booster-III x 1
Gravity Maint Facility icon Gravity Maint Facility-III x 1
Quick Reaction Armor icon Quick Reaction Armor-III x 1
Shield Regenerator icon Shield Regenerator-III x 3
Eos Phase Shift Shield icon Eos Phase Shift Shield-III x 4
Eos Phase Shift Shield icon Eos Phase Shift Shield-II x 3
Meltdown icon Meltdown-III x 4
Positron Bomb icon Positron Bomb-III x 2

Technologies RequiredEdit

Level 3 Electronic Interference

Level 1 Artillery Trajectory Research

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